Nikan Feedar Farda Co. | Animal feed and poultry
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A) provides animal, poultry and aquatic feed additives and facilities and equipment for the same industry from the world leading producers with the following features:

1) An excellent and high standard production quality.  2) An extremely good technical knowledge transferable to Iran.  3) A desirable after sales support, parts supply and training updates.  4) The least damaging to the environment in production process.  5) High power of productivity, give rise to local production boom and contribute to the development of indicators of economic, social and humanitarian.

B) Planning to improve the quality of commercial and sales performance to employ practical information and communications systems in modern trading.

C) Quality and process improvement of import and export operation with close and continued cooperation with Chamber of Commerce and relevant industrial factories.

D) Transition of sales mechanism to more desirable condition:

1) To improve efficiency and profitability
2) To capture a bigger market shares
3) To provide best customer service




    Nikan Feedar Farda(NFF) is a private and independent company founded by a group of highly experienced specialists in early 2012 and within short term has built a good position in a growth market by supplying livestock, poultry and aquatics feed additives as well as livestock plant equipment industry. We are proud of our reputation as an ethical company with a dynamic attitude. From large corporate negotiations to face-to-face dealing with the local community, NFF strives to achieve outcomes which benefit all parties.